Your Workflow Management fully customizable: can you do it yourself or do you need to outsource it?

workflow SymsysWS previewMost Workflow Management software is fully adjustable, but most of the time this needs to be done by experts, or with tailor-made adjustments.  Every change will cost money and before you know it, the cost of implementations are higher than for usage and it will become a never ending story.

This does not sound like 2016, but still happens a lot. As a company you have to deal with a lot of changes. Society is changing, workflows constantly change and because of new company insights.

You may expect from a modern Workflow Manegement tool that you can manage the complete setup. Make the necessary changes yourself whenever it is needed and that no special skills are required to do so. If you know the work processes you could go directly to work, without It management and without a programmer.

SymsysWS is a present day solution. You can translate your entire work processes into complete workflows, with steps forward, parallel steps and back. You maintain your templates for automated messages and product information. You determine how you like your documents to be stored and used, the setup of the  resource planning and reports and all basic configuration. This also includes user accounts and permissions. Another convenient tool within permissions is that users can fully customize their dashboards themselves.

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