Symsys9 version 9.5 is released

  • Project planning and workforce are completely new. Directly derived from the way of planning functions in SymsysWS. Scheduling on points of time like a calendar, much more overview of tasks to be assigned to resources, easy adjustments, much more oversight with representation per day, week, month, resource or project, immediate alerts by impending overruns.
  • E-invoicing using the SI-UBL standard of Simplerinvoicing and distribution via eVerbinding. Most accounting software suppliers have a direct link for easy sending and receiving e-invoices. Received e-invoices are immediately booked with Symsys9. A PDF of the purchase invoice is automatically added to supplier dossiers and can be looked at all relevant parts of Symsys9. Sending e-invoices include a PDF of the invoice and other documents, fully automatically. Not per e-mail (which will remain) but as an e-invoice UBL message which may directly be booked in the customers’ financial systems.
  • Add extra documents to invoices, like a PO, signed quote, etc. Physical (more pages) or as annex to invoices that are send per e-mail or e-invoice. Adding documents can be done during the invoicing process and before.
  • And improved client credit control, PO’s for operational costs and more.

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