Resource planning with SymsysWS version 6

SymsysWS already exists for several years alongside Symsys9. Listening to our  customers needs and requirements, following market developments has led to a full rebuild of SymsysWS with a new version number 6.0. Better, smarter, faster, contemporary.

Much attention has been paid to (still) ‘better and easier collaborating on projects by all internal and external parties involved’. Also reports, productivity improvement, easy setup, management and maintenance, compare tool, etc. In order to realize this a completely new architecture has been developed, with a new data model and new systematics. The latest development in SymsysWS is resource planning.

The new resource planning tool makes it easy to connect all necessary resources to projects, organize schedules, manage, administer and synchronize calendars. All within a single system: SymsysWS.

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